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General Instruments

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product/General Instruments/pg103_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2401-2406
  1. Seperate control for Beam adjustment & streak rotation 3600.
  2. Beam adjustments to Divergent, Paraller & Convergent.
  3. Large Semi-Reflector interference mirror.
  4. With one spare bulb.
  5. Available in C & D battery handle.
  6. Optional Electric Handle.
Streak Retinoscope in Case - AVI-2401
Streak Retinoscope Bulb - AVI-2402
Streak Retinoscope Head - AVI-2403
Streak Retinoscope Handle - AVI-2404
Streak Retinoscope with Halogen Bulb - AVI-2405
Spare Halogen Bulb - AVI-2406


product/General Instruments/pg103_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2407-2408
  1. Scratchless, smooth & excellency suited to purpose.
  2. Top quality instruments yet economical.
  3. The choice of ‘C’ or ‘D’ handles.
  4. Supplied with one spare bulb of each instrument.
  5. Set of otoscope, throat illuminator, larygeal mirror, Nasal speculum, tongue depressor, + C handle in case - AVI-2407
  6. Set of otoscope, Fiber Optic throat illuminator, laryngeal mirror, Nasal speculum, tongue depressor + C handle in case - AVI-2408


product/General Instruments/pg103_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2409
  1. Instruments according to Prof. Schiotz for measuring eye pressure.
  2. Needs almost no servicing, ensures smooth operations for years.
  3. Highly accurate weights to give correct measures.
  4. Jewl operated, complete with three weights.
  5. International standard built.
  6. Tonometer complete in Case - AVI-2409


product/General Instruments/pg103_4.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2410-2415
  1. The instrument is fitted with imported optics to give clear image & big vision.
  2. New blue multilayer clear coating for more clarity.
  3. Facility to fit your own power glasses.
  4. Can be swivelled out of viewing axis.
  5. Adjustable for height and I.P.D.
Magnification 3.5x 4.5x  
Working Distance 35cm 25cm  
Field of View 52mm 39mm  
Weight (Incl. Frame) 65g 65g  

Loupe 3.5x with small frame - AVI-2410


Loupe 3.5x with large frame - AVI-2411


Optics unit without frame 3.5x - AVI-2412


Loupe 4.5x with small frame - AVI-2413


Loupe 4.5x with large frame - AVI-2414


Optics unit without frame 4.5x - AVI-2415



product/General Instruments/pg104_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2416
  1. Transformer shock proof plastic body.
  2. No recurring cost. Economically best.
  3. Variable Halogen Light of 6v Bulb.
  4. Ideal for Foreign body removal.
  5. Use in eye E.N.T. General & plastic surgery.
  6. With one spare bulb.


product/General Instruments/pg104_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2417
  1. Non-Drift light pipe with 3600 rotation & lock on any position.
  2. Available in floor stand, Table clamp and wall mount.
  3. Noineless Traansformer shock-proof plastic body.
  4. Variable Halogen light of high intense 12v bulb.
  5. Ideal for various micro surgery operation.
  6. Compact light head with focussing sleeve.
  7. Light head can be removed from stand used as hand-held examination light as well.
  8. With one spare bulb.


product/General Instruments/pg104_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2418
  1. Non-Draft light pipe with 3600 rotation & lock on any position.
  2. Variable Halogen light of high intense 150w bulb.
  3. Ideal for various micro surgery operation.
  4. Compact light head with focussingsleeve.
  5. With one spare bulb.


product/General Instruments/pg104_4.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2419
Avishkar Illuminated reduced aperture trial lens kit is an attractive set, prepared from imported extrawhite lenses of high standard accuracy. The lenses are of plane from black vertex power. 20mm aperture fitted in aluminium mounts of 38mm diameter. The plus and minus mounts of different colours. Handles are provided on spheres. The tray rises automatically when opened with light control. The case is an attractive coloured acrylic top with double lock and simple trial frame
32 pairs each cx and cc sph 20 pairs each cx and cc cyl Trial set illuminated complete AV-2420
0.25 to 4.00 in 0.25 steps 0.25 to 3.50 in 0.25 steps Trial set non illuminated complete AV-2421
4.50 to 6.00 in 0.50 steps 4.00 to 6.00 in 0.50 steps Trial Frame Simple AV-2422
7.00 to 14.00 in 1.00 steps 10 prisms : Trial Frame Roating AV-2423
16.00 to 20.00 in 2.00 steps 1/2,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12    


product/General Instruments/pg105_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2424
  1. Convenient focussing sleeve for uniform quality illumination.
  2. Open ribbed construction prevents excess heat built-up.
  3. Glamorous adjustable plastic head-band with lock.
  4. Variable halogen light of high intense 12v bulb.
  5. Transformer with shock proof plastic body.
  6. One spare bulb, carrying case.
Head Light Halogen Complete HL 350
Replacement Bulb OSRAM 64425
Replacement Transformer B-195
Head Band only with lock HL Band
Lens Sleeve of Head light HL Lens


product/General Instruments/pg105_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2425
  1. Swiveting magnifying lens gives 3x magnification.
  2. The scope head is with a connection for an insufflation bulb.
  3. Light source can be used for other instruments also.
  4. Low price with efficiency & excellently suited to purpose.
  5. Light conductive tubes provide a bright ring of light at their distal end.
  6. The sigmoidoscope tube has a matt interior finish to prevent reflections.
  7. With suction tubes for irrigation.
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 300mm working length
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 350mm working length
Biopcy forceps with straight jaws, 430mm working length
Fiber optic cable & Halogen light source available with
Sigmoidoscope small size complete AVI-2426
Sigmoidoscope medium size complete AVI-2427
Sigmoidoscope large size complete AVI-2428
Biopsy forceps


product/General Instruments/pg105_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-4456
Bronchoscope large, length 43cm size 8.5mm. AV-2429
Esophagoscope large, length 43cm size 6.5mm. AV-2430
Bronchoscope Medium, length 30cm size 6mm. AV-2431
Esophagoscope Medium, length 30cm size 4mm. AV-2432
Bronchoscope Small, length 26cm size 4mm. AV-2433
Esophagoscope Small, length 26cm size 3mm. AV-2434
Other various sizes available in stock.
(Kindly specify size while ordering)
Additional Fiber optic cable, Halogen light source & Broncho., Esophagoscope in DOSSEL-HUZZY style are also available.


product/General Instruments/pg105_4.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2435


  1. Variable light intensity without colour temperature change.
  2. Special, long-life halogen bulb with reflector.
  3. Basically made to suit STORZ instruments.
  4. Choice of different models to suit every purpose.
  5. Can be attached to other patents through adopter.
  6. Connector for International brands available.
Light Source One Bulb 15v 150w AVI-2436
Light Source Twin Bulb 15v 150w AVI-2437
Light Source One Bulb 24v 250w AVI-2438
Light Source Twin Bulb 24v 250w AVI-2439


product/General Instruments/pg106_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2440
  1. Highly flexible almost unbreakable fiber bundles.
  2. Quartz glass fibers for best light transmission and natural tissue colour.
  3. Smooth outer silicon tube and inner stainless steel sheathing, prevents damage.
  4. Available F.O. light carrier for different type of scope and retractors.
  5. Fitting can be made according to your specifications i.e... STORZ, ACMI, WOLF, OLYMPUS...
Length 180cm Dia 4.5mm AVI-2440-A
Length 180cm Dia 3.5mm AVI-2440-B
Length 90cm Dia 5mm AVI-2440-C
Length 90cm Dia 3.5mm AVI-2440-D


product/General Instruments/pg106_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2441
Operating lryngoscope ferangoscope 23cm Dia 19mm. AVI-2441-A
Operating lryngoscope large size complete. 18cm Dic 18mm. AVI-2441-B
Operating lryngoscope medium size complete. 16cm Dia 14mm. AVI-2441-C
Operating lryngoscope child size complete 13cm Dia 11mm. AVI-2441-D
Chest support only for laryngoscope. AVI-2441-E
Additional 180cm. Fiber Optic Cable and Halogen light source available.


product/General Instruments/pg106_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2442
For use with bronchoscopes, lenth:30,26 and 20cm. Telescopes Diameter : 2.8mm. length 30cm advance optical technology, low-loss rod-lens systems and laser welded stainless steel parts for long lasting soakable and autoclavable endoscopes. Integrated fiber optic illumination with light-concentrating fiber cone for optimized illumination of the operating site with fiber optic light transmission.
Straight forward telescope 0 degree. AVI-2442-A
Forward-oblique telescope 30 degree. AVI-2442-B
Lateral telescope 70 degree. AVI-2442-C
Rubber telescope guide. AVI-2442-D
Optical pediatric forceps. AVI-2442-E
Can be used with optical pediatric forceps.


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