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Spot Lamp
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Avishkar OPD Instrument

Product Code: AVI-2501
Additional Features:
  1. X-Ray lobby
  2. Bulls lamp (or) Spot lamp with head mirror
  1. Suction machine (Hivaccum)
  2. Warmer
  3. Light source
  4. Removable trays with lids-2 Nos.
  5. Writing pad
  6. Instruments drawer
  7. Compartment with lock


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Avishkar Clinic Instrument

Product Code: AVI-2502
  1. Fibre optic otoscope
  2. Fibre optic head light
  3. Fibre optic cable
  4. Surgeon chair
  5. Adjustable waste disposable bin
  6. Extra bins


product/ENT OPD Unit/pg107_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2504
  1. ENT, Neuro, Gynaecology etc.
  2. 3 step or zoom magnification


product/ENT OPD Unit/pg107_4.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2505
12V 50W
24V 250W
12V 100W
6V 20W
15V 150W
24V 150W
12V 20W
All types of halogen & special medical lamps


product/ENT OPD Unit/pg107_5.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2506
  1. Classic I
  2. Classic I(S)
  3. Classic II(S)
  4. Classic III
  5. Mark IV
  6. Digital audiometer


product/ENT OPD Unit/pg107_6.jpg


Product Code: AVI-2507
  1. Skin
  2. Plastic Surgeon etc.


product/ENT OPD Unit/entpg3.jpg

Operating Microscope

Product Code: AVI-712
Precision, Versatility, Economy The Labovision Operating Microscope is a fusion of the above three parameters. A result of over four decades of experience in the field of microscopy, it is product containing intrinsic qualities, unmatched by any other, in the market. With its high flexibility options, it can be used in the field of Ophthalmology, ENT, Plastic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, General Surgery etc.
Main Microscope Body
Observation Head Binocular Head with Zoom Ratio of 1x-5x
Eyepieces Widefield 15x (Paired)
Maginification 5x - 25x
Interpupillary Adjustment Adjustable from 52 mm to 75 mm
Dioptric Adjustment Adjustable from +5 to -5 diopters
Working Distance Three options -200 mm, 300 mm, or 400 mm
Fine Focusing 50 mm manaully adjustable/ optional motorized foot control
Field of View 60 - 12 mm (with 200 mm objective)
Microscope Stand
Arms Counter balanced spring arms
Horizontal Length of Arms 850 mm
Vertical Height Max. 1465 mm - Min. 905 mm
Vertical Height Adjustment 560 mm
Rotation of Arms 320o with lock
Floor Stand Mobile Floor Stand (Optionally Table Stand is available)
Dimensions of Base 460 mm (Diagonally)
Mobility On Five Castor Wheels
Illumination System
Illumination Co -axial Illumination
Maximum Intensity 70,000 lux
Brightness Continuously variable
Light Transmission Through Fiber Optic Cable
Light Source Twin outlet 15v/150w Quartz Iodine Lamp with reflector


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