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Physiotherapy Equipments

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Product Code: AVI-3201
This portable model has interrupted galvanic & surge faradic current
Input Voltage 230 v 50 C/s AC
Galvanic Plus 1 Ms. & 100 M Sec.
Duration Adjustable upto 6 Seconds
Surge Faradic
Galvanic Output 0 to 120 V AC
Faradic Output 0 to 50 V AC
Dimension 80 x 150 40 mm
Weight 200 gms. Approx


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Product Code: AVI-3202
This Unit is specially designed to relieve the pain. Unit is portable, handy compact & ideal for Physiotheropy. The electronic pulse neutralise the ionic potential giving complete & lasting cure to chronic pain. It gives immediate relief & no side effects. It can be used effectively for muscular pain, periatherities of shoulder, post traumatic stiffness accompanying pain, headache, earache backache, slipped disc pain etc.
Input Voltage 9 V, DC
Pulse Rate 2.5 & 10 Cycles / Sec..
Basic Frequency 0 to 100 Hz variable
Dimensions 115 X 60 X 20 mm
Weight Nominal


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg134_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3203
This Unit is specially designed to relieve the pain. Unit is portable, compact & ideal for Physiotheropy. The electronic pulse neutralise the ionic potential giving complete & lasting cure to chronic pain It gives immediate relief & no side effects.
It can be used effectively for muscular pain, periatherities of shoulder, post traumatic stiffness accompanying pain, headache, earache backache, sliped disc pain etc.
Input Voltage 1.5V, 4 cells
Pulse Rate 1,2,5,10,20 Cycles/Sec
Basic Frequency 50,100,200 Hz/Sec
Audiable Buzzer provided to hear Signals.
Intensity Variable
Dimensions 240 X 200 X 90 mm
Output checking system body resistance checking system & battery condition checking system are provided.


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg135_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3204
This portable double walled insulated tank is provided with cover, castors & automatic thermostat control & power controlled in 3 steps.
Thermostat 0o to 100oC
Input 230 V, 50C/Sec
Output 2 KW
Small Size 12” X 12 X 12”
Big Size 22” X 16” X 12”


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg135_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3205
This is most compact, portable unit fitted in carring case has both galvanic & faradic type current with different output lets. S.D. curve facility is provided.
Input Voltage 230 V 50 C/S AC
Input Current 100 MA
Galvanic Output Low ripple DC Continuously adjustable from 0 to 30V, Interrupeted
Galvanic A intensity 0 to 130 VDC
Pulse Duration 0.01, .03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100 & 300 ms
Basic Frequency 1, 50 & 100 Hz pulses
Faradic 500 M Sec. wide pulse at 100 Hz Intensity continuously adjustable
Surge Faradic Contraction period continuously adjustable upto 6 Sec. & rest period upto 8 Sec.
Dimensions 240 X 200 X 93 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg. Approx


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg135_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3206

Ultrasonic Therapy Unit is designed to generate Ultrasonic energy in continuous or pulsed from to produce thermal mechenical & chemical effects in tissues. Ultrasounds is cappabal of separating collegen Fibres & changing the tensil strength of tendons to permit greater extensibility & useful for micromassge.

Avishkar Ultrasound Unit is fullysolidstate based on latest transistorised & integrated circuit. This is very compact effective unit having Digital timer of two digits with automatic unit having Digital timer of two digits with automatic cut off system after time interval is over. The intensity control varies Ultrasound energy very smoothly and hence exact treatment of Ultrasound waves is possible.

Power output Continuous 15 Watta / Cm2 & pulsed 21 Watts / Cm
Frequency 1 MHz
Power Supply 230Volts. 50C/SAC
Dimensions 240 mm X 210 mm X 93 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg. Approx.
Also Available Digital Model


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg136_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3207
This Electronic is a modem electro mechanical system for treatment of disorders of cervical & lumber region of spine. System is easily progeammed & a chice of either static or intermittent traction is provided. The Circuit ensures that system switches off in the release position. Unit is provided with Pelvic & thorasic belts & head halter.
Supply Voltage 220 V 50 C/S
Pulling Capacity 0 to 45 Kg. (with doubler it Pulls upto 90 Kg.)
Timer Digital Adjustable upto 60 minutes
Hold time 3 position switch (20, 40 & 60 Sec)
Release time 3 position switch 1, 5, 10, Sec.
Weight 13 Kg. Approx
Lumber Traction Table available separately


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg136_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3208
The interferential type current have been a proven part of physical medicines for decates. The interferential current therapy unit generates two appex. 4000 Hz. medium frequency current with constant amplitude which cross at a right angle to produce a complex current modulation in the body. If a current with a certain frequency than it results in generation of the modulated wave. Their high therapeutic effectiveness is characterised by deep penetration of current within minimal sensory perception & skin irritation. The availability of treating both large & small body parameters. The selectibility of stimulation frequency that encompasse both motor stimulation & pain suppression.
Operating Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz, + 10 % with line RF Filter
Carrier Frequency 2000 Hz & 4000 Hz
Base AMF 0 to 150 Hz
Sweep AMF 0 to 100 Hz
Spectrum Rect. 1/1s, Trap 1/5 s. Linear 6/6s
Therapy mode 2 Pole, 4 Pole & 4 Pole Vector
Intensity 100 mA Continuously adjustable
Intensity Balance Available
Milliammeter Digital meter to indicate the peak current.
Timeer Digital timer with cut off system alarm.
Portable Shoulder Wheel
This portable light weight shoulder wheel is adjustable in length one can very its tension. It can be as a wrist exericiser.
Salient Features
  1. Negligible leakage current
  2. 60.1.1 General requirement for safety of medical electrical equipment.
  3. Isolated out puts.
  4. Digital timer with automatic cut-off system
  5. Digital electronic output current meter.
  1. Pain therapy
  2. Sports related injuries
  3. Muscle reduction & Strain
  4. Increasing Blood Flow
  5. Activating the body’s own defence mechanisum
  6. Circulatory disorders
  7. Disturbance of the nervous system
  8. Diseases of the locometer system
  9. Effective in treatment of Rheumatism
  10. Arthritis, Muscle Strain etc.


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg137_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3209
This is portable Shortwave Medical Diathermy, having special automatic timer to switch it off automatically after treatment time is over.
Power Putput 250 Walts
Frequency 27.12 MHz
Wave length 11 Meters
Power Supply 220 to 240 V, 50c/Sec
Dimensions 422 X 531 X 230 mm
Weight 1.5 kg. Approx.


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg137_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3210
This pulse shortwave unit has peak to peak 1000 W pulse output. This sterdy unit rested of castor wheels is recommended for Hospitals, Institutes. If atumatic timer to set the time period, which cuts off after treatment time over.
Power output 500W - continuous, 1000W-Pulse mode
Input 230 V/ 50 Hz
Mode continuous / pulse
Dimensions 500mm X 400 mm X 750 mm approx
Weight 40 kg approx
Continuous in 5 steps
Pulse mode in 4steps
Rate of pulse 1, 10, 20, 30 Hz repetitions
Pulse width 400 micro second
Frequency 27.12 MHz
Wave length 11 Meter
Stimulators are particulary useful in simple muscle muscle weakness. In functional paralysis resulting from traumatic neurosis husterial or neurostenta in flaccid Paralysis, Spastic Paralysis, Cardiovascular, Muscle strain etc.


product/Physiotherapy Equipments/pg137_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3211
Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Faradic & Surge Faradic type currents available.
Input Voltage 230 V, 50 c/s
Galvanic Output 0 to 130 V DC Continuosly Adjustable
Faradic Output 0 to 50 V DC Continuosly Adjustable
Pulse Duration 0.3, 1, 10, 30, 100, 300 M Se.
Pulse Frequency 0.3, 1 & 3
Surge Duration Upto 6 second adjustable
Surge Interval Upto 8 second adjustable
Weight 1.5 kg. Approx.
Carrying case avalible Optionally.


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