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Opthalmic Instruments

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Product Code: AVI-3576
Main Microscope Sterezoom Microscope Zooming Body
Eye Pieces Widefield 10x
Aux. Objective Nikon 0.5x
Optical Image Erect, Unreserved
Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 52mm - 75mm
Diopter Adjustment +6 to -6
Total magnification Zoom 4x - 25x
Field Area 9mm - 54mm
Eye Piece Inclination 45o of vertical
Working Distance 175mm
Fine focussing Rack and pinion, 50mm manual adjust Motorised foot control optioal at extra cost

Microscope Stand
Arms Counterbalanced Spring Arms
Horizontal length of arms 850mm
Vertical height Minimum 905mm, Maximum 1465mm
Vertical height adjustment 560mm
Rotation of arms 320o wih lock
Mount Mobile Floor Stand
Dimension of base Length 520mm, Breadth 520mm
Mobility On four castor wheel
Power supply AC 220-240 Volts or 110V on request
Total weight (Net) 50kgs (Approx)

Illumination System
Maximum Intensity Minimum 80,000 lux or more
Brightness Continuously Variable From 0 Lux to 80,000 or more
Light Transmission By Fiber optic cable
Light source Twin outlet, halogen Lamp 15V 150W with PB reflector
Also available with assistant’s microscope


product/Paediatric Instruments/pg161_02.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3577-3585
  • Operation Microscope Eye zoom head, power zoom/focus, cold light with foot control, floor stand complete. -AVI-3577
  • Operation Microscope Eye, three magnification step, cold light with foot control, floor stand complete. -AVI-3578
  • Operation Microscope ENT, same as above. -AVI-3579
  • Operation Microscope Eye, three magnification step, halogen light, floor stand complete. -AVI-3580
  • Operation Microscope ENT, same as above. -AVI-3581
  • Operation Microscope Eye, 12x fixed magnification, cold light, floor stand complete. -AVI-3852
  • Operation Microscope ENT, same as above. -AVI-3583
  • Operation Microscope Eye, 12x fixed magnification, halogen light, floor stand complete. -AVI-3584
  • Operation Microscope ENT, same as above. -AVI-3585

Main Microscope Imported optics fitted head (Zoom, 3 step Magnification and 12x fixed Head)
Eye Piece 12x Wide Field
Interpupillary Distance 52mm to 75mm
Working Distance 200mm. (250mm, 300mm, 400mm optional) with one lens.
Magnification Zoom 4x-17x/6x 12x 16x/12x fixed
Field of view Zoom 17-52mm / 18-45mm / 30mm fixed
Fine Focusing Rack & Pinion, 140mm long manual / Motorised adjust
Arms Counterbalanced 360o rotation with lock
Stand Mobile Floor stand (Table mount optional)
Illumination Coaxial Halogen 12v 50w Direct OR 24v 250w
Halogen Bulb Light Source
Fiber Optic Light System
Field of Illumination 50mm with variable control
Power Supply AC 220v 50-60 Hz. OR 110volts
Contents One spare Bulb, Dust Cover
AB-93 is supplied with elegant & very stable floor stand with additional builtin facility to attach 6v Halogen light for extra more powerfull diagnosis. And Long life Halogen Light guide source with Imported F.O. Cable standard accessories. One spare Bulb.


product/Opthalmic Instruments/pg162_01.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3586
  1. Only fully upholstered elegant opthalmic chair.
    a)With full motorized recline facilities.
    b)With full motorized up & down movements for 300mm.
  2. One stand and console.
    a)With illuminating soft light for examination.
    b)With controls for opthalmic chair.
    c)For “Recline” and “Up & Down” is also provided as an additional option. Back end forward by motoried system.
ADD-ONS : Optional Accessories
  1. Slit lamp
  2. Binocular indirect opthalmoscope
  3. Keratometer or autorefractometer
  4. Direct opthalmoscope and streak retinoscope
  5. Chat projector
  6. Trial lens set
  7. Sight tester (Phoropter)

Base dimensions
Floor space required
after reclining 9.6”
Input voltage and power
3V, 6V, 12V
80Kg. (Approx)


product/Opthalmic Instruments/pg162_02.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3587
Microscope Galilean
Magnifications change 2 position lever
Eye piece’s 10x or 15x
Magnifications ratio 10x, 16x or 15x, 24x
Real field of view in min 18, 11 or 14, 9
PD range 52-90mm
Diopter adjustment +/-8
Working distance 100mm
Slit width 0-14mm
Slit length 0-14mm
Slit aperatus 0.2, 1,3,4,6,10,14mm
Slit angles 0o-180o
Slit inclination 5o-10o-15o-20o
Slit illumination 12v-50w
Filters Heat absorbing, green, cobalt blue

Movement Ranges
Longitudianl (In/Out) 118mm
Lateral (Left/Right) 99mm
Vertical (Up/Down) 30mm
Chin rest range 80mm
Voltage 110 or 240
Frequency 50/60Hz
Table base dimensions 522mm x 342mm
Weight (packed) 26Kgs.


product/Opthalmic Instruments/pg163_01.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3588
Type Applanation Tonometer
Principle Goldmann Tonometer
Measuring range From 0 to 80mmHg in 2mmHg increments
Accuracy 0.5mmHg
Diameter of the pneumatic face 3.06mm
Area of applanation 7.354mm2
Probe carrier line specification 43o
Measurement 47mm wide x 30mm Deep x 85mm Height
Weight with accessories 800gm (approx)
Compatibility Both for Zeiss & Hagg-Streit model slit lamps
Gurantee One year

Standard Accessories

  1. Calibration bar
  2. Prism
  3. Mount base (for head mount model only)
  4. Tonometer base plate (for base plate model only)


product/Opthalmic Instruments/pg163_02.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3589
Type External reading type
Target Corona and cross, rotatable 360o
Vertex power range
(0.25 Diopter step) 0 to +(or)- 10 Diopters
(0.50 Diopter step) +(or)- 10 to 25 Diopters
Cylindrical axis 0o to 180o (1o steps)
Prismatic power 0 to 5 (1step)
Acceptable Lens Diameter 20 to 80mm dia
Tiltable angle Continuously variable from 30o to 90o
Eyepiece focusing range 0 to 5 diopters
Accuracy Accurate centering and marking of lenses
Power requirement AC 220-240 Volts
Optional 110V - 130V AC
Weight 4.5kgs approximately
Standard Accessories contact lens holder, two spare bulbs, dust cover
Guarantee One year


product/Opthalmic Instruments/pg164_01.jpg


Product Code: AVI-3590
  1. Coincidence focusing system. Positive measurements to .02mm accuracy.
  2. 15 X wide-angle piece.
  3. One position instrument. Measures both meridians without changing optical system.
  4. Simple vertical adjustable head to fit patient.
  5. Two-way adjustable head and chin rests.
  6. Dual eye-level sighting system. Facilitates horizontal alignment.
  7. Positive fixation. Permits rapid measurement of central cotneal area.
  8. Presision objectives, assures durability, achromatic lenses.
  9. Measuring range : Radius of curvature, 9.4 - 6.4mm (0.05mm steps) Diopter 36-52 (in 0.25 steps).
  10. Guarantee for one year
Optional Accessories at extra cost
Tripod stand / Motorized instrument table

Standard Accessories
Dust cover, two spare bulbs


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