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Pathology Instruments

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Bio-chemistry Analyser

Product Code: AVI-519
Labtech Biochemistry Analyzer for routine chemistry , enzymes & drug levels . It has a user friendly on board software . It is very economical , reliable high precision machine.
  1. Built in voltage stabilizer.
  2. Extencive programming modes.
  3. Monochromatic & Bichromatic Readings .
  4. Calculation of resulta either by factor or by standard concentration.
  5. Automatic sensing of Cuvette Insertion .
  6. Factor & standard values can be saved.
Measuring System Photometric
Linear Measurement Range 0.000 to 3.0000 AbsorbtionUnits (A)
Photometric Accuracy 2% or 0.007 whichever is higher.from 0 to 1.5 A , 3% from 1.5A to 3.0A
Drift <0.007 A/hr
Photometric Linearity 2.2A
Optical Measurement Photodiode
Type Interference Filter
Wavelength 340,405,510,546, 578 & 630 nm & Two Optional
Half Bandwidth 10 nm 2nm
Selection Automatic by Stepper Motor
Cuvette Volume 500 l
Temperature of Cuvette Block 370C, Peltier Controlled
Light Source xenon gas filled / Tungsten Halogen
Warm upTime 90 Sec
Display Four Line LCD , backlit , 16 characters
Printer Interface Optional Parallel Report
Memory 8 KB Non-Volatile RAM , Battery back up supports 40 open tests
Analysis Mode Absorbance : Fixed Time
End Point : Kinetic
Multi -Standard :Differential
Ratio : PTT
Concentration Calculation By factor or By Standard
RS232 Serial Port 2400 baud , 1 start , 8 data , 1 stop ,no parity bits
Power Wattage: 50 watts
Voltage : 115-230 Volts 10% , 50/60 HZ
Operating Positions on horizontal flat , rigid & vibration Free space
Operating Conditions Temperature: From + 18oC to 35oC
Relative Humidity: up to 85%
Storage Conditions Temperature: From -10oC to 60oC
Relative Humidity: up to 85%
Enclosures Abs Fire Retardant
Size (cms) 30 x 38 x 13.5 (lxbxh)
Weight 5 Kgs.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg31_1.jpg

Standard Microscope

Product Code: AVI-501
Body : Well designed heavy & sturdy die casted monocular body inclined to 90o suitable to meet the needs of college and school students. Main features of the Microscope are :
  1. Tube with mechanical tube length 160mm with triple revolving nose piece.
  2. Seperate coarse & fine adjustment.
  3. Square stage with clips for holding the slides.
  4. Double lens bright field ABBE condenser NA 1.25 is fixed with the stage with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder.
  5. Illumination by plano concave mirror.
  6. Optical combination.
  7. Antifungal Objectives : 10x, 45x (SL).
  8. Eye pieces : 10x, 15x (Huygenian).


product/Pathology Instruments/pg31_2.jpg

Student & Medical Microscope

Product Code: AVI-502
  • Stand : Stable & Robust, traditional Horse Shoe base body. Body inclinable through 900, Standard tube length of 160 mm.
  • Focusing : Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs with graduation on one side. Coarse movement by Rack & Pinion and Fine movement by Screw Lever Machanism
  • Nosepiece : Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece is provided with positive click stop for proper centering
    STAGE : Fixed Stage size 125X125mm with detachable mechanical stage for X and movement of slide up to 25 X 75mm with graduated scales and verniers
  • Illumination : illumination through a 50mm diameter planoconcave mirror mounted o gimbal mount
  • Objectives : Three Achromatic Objectives : 10 X 40 X (SL) & 100 X (SL) Oil immersion
  • Eyepieces : Two Huygenian Eyepieces : 6X & 10 X
  • Condensor : Sub Stage Abbe condenser with N.A. 1.25 moves up and down by rack & pinion. Irs diapharagm and filter holder are mounted with the condenser.
  • Safety Device : Adjustable down movement stopper for preventing accidential damage.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg32_1.jpg

Advance Research Binocular Microscope

Product Code: AVI-503
Body Well designed die-casted staple frey and black contrast with hard instrumental Chromium finish.
Observation Head Special quality Binocular observation head inclined at 450 and rotatable through 3600. All prism and optical surfaces are anti refilection coated. Standared interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment provided.
Nose Piece Dust proof quadruple nose piece with clik for perfect optical alignment.
Stage Fixed stage 140mm x 120mm with built - in co-axial mechanical stage for easy and smooth bearing
Condenser Double lens bright field Abbe’s condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm movable by rack and pinion.
Illumination By halogen lamp 6V 20Watts operated through built- in solid state transformer with electronic regulator.
Safety Stopper Prevent damage to slides and objectives.
Optics High class anti reflection coated self centres and parafocal achromatic objectives and superior quality eye pieces.
Packing In dust proof Thermocole Box in 12mm thick beautiful storing cabinet with sunmica door.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg32_1.jpg

Binocular Research Microscope

Product Code: AVI-504
  • Body : Nicely designed, die casted body, sophisticated enough to fulfill your microscopy needs. The incomparable collection of features includes seperate fine and coarse control.
  • Binocular Head inclined at 45o and rotatable through 360o with very fine antifungal prisms.
  • Quadruple nose-piece with click stop for perfect optical alignment.
  • Double lens bright field ABBE condenser NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder moveable by rack & pinion.
  • Illumination by 6V 20Watts Halogen lamp operated through built in solid state transformer with electronic regulator.
  • Illumination by 6V 20Watts Halogen lamp operated through built in solid state transformer with electronic regulator.
  • Optical combination.
  • Antifungal Objectives : 5x, 10x, 45x (SL), 100x (SL) oil immersion.
  • Eye pieces : 10x WF pair.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg32_2.jpg

Bio-Plus Microscope

Product Code: AVI-505
EYEPIECES : High quality paired eyepieces 10 x (standard), 15 x (optional) extra wide field, high eye reliet type.
Mangnification Field Diameter Eyepoint
10 x WF (Imported Glass) 18.0mm 25.0mm
15 x WF 13.0mm 12.0mm
Objective : Choice of partocal, parcentered, Semi Plan (SP), Achromatic objectives in magnification range, 4x, 10 x and retractable 40 x and 100x oil.
Objective Type Magnification N.A Working Distance
Achromatic 4x 0.10 8.00mm
Semi Plan (SP) 10x 0.25 2.00mm
(Imported Glass) 40x Spring 0.65 0.14mm
Terms describing the optical features of microscope
Total Magnification : Total magnification of a microscope is the individual magnifying power of the objective multiplied by that of the eyepieces.

Numerical Aperture (N.A) : One of the important factors determining the efficiency of condenser and objectives. it is represented by the formula. ( N.A. = n sin a )

Where n is the retractive index of a medium and ‘a’ is half of the maximum angle at which the light rays enter or leave the lens from or to a focussecd object point on the optical axis.

Working Distance : Clearance between the from of the objective and the upper surface of the cover glass when the image of a specimen is brought into sharp focus. Generally, the higher the magnifying power of the objective, the shorter the working distance.

Field Diameter : Diameter (MM) of the field of view which can be observed through the eyepiece. Indication 10x on the top of the eyepiece shows that eyepiece magnification is 10x.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg33_1.jpg

Digital Enabled Microscope

Product Code: AVI-506
  • Binocular Inclined Observation Tube.
  • Anti-fungal treated DIN Semi-Plan Achromatic Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (SL), 100x Oil (SL).
  • Extra Widefield WF 10x eyepieces.
  • Highly sensitive Co-axial focusing module, with tension adjustment.
  • Coaxial mechanical stage traveling on ball slides.
  • Quadruple revolving nosepiece.
  • In-Built high resolution 1/3” color CCD camera.
  • Simultaneous multi-model display : Through eyepiece : Through direct video display on monitor screen : Through USB plug & play connection, on computer.
  • Real time sharing of live/stored images, globally via internet.
  • Interactive, user-friendly and feature-packed software “Magna Imagepro” with features such image enhancement filters, annotations, zoom, measurement, count, particle size analysis etc.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg34_1.jpg

Pathological Inclined Tube Binocular Microscope

Product Code: AVI-508
Microscope Stand : Sturdy inclined, binocular body rotatable through 3600.
Viewing head: Binocular eyepiece tube providing bright images rotatable through 360o. Inclined at 45o. Having adjustable dioptric scale from +5 to -5, with graduations at intervals of one diopter. The intraocular distance is variable from 54 to 74mm to suit the observer.
Focusing module: CO-AXIAL focusing, with slide traveling on ball bearing guide ways, for frictionless motion.
Horizontal, mechanical stage of size 140mmx140mm approx., with fine vernier graduations (least count 0.1mm). Clamps are provided for positioning of the specimen. The stage travels on ball beairng to allow smooth travel over an area of 76x50mm.
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece with positive click stops provided with ribbed grip for easy rotation mounted on precision ball bearing mechanism.
Objectives: Achromatic quadruple objectives 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil immersion spring-loaded wide field.
Eyepieces: High quality paired achromatic 10x & 15x and in-built pointer.
Substage: NA 1.25 focusable with rack and pinion arrangement. Condensor is complete with lens & iris diapragm. The microscope has a swing out filter holder and removable blue filter. It is compatible and supplied with a plano-cocave mirror in fork mounting.
Illumination: Microscope is be equipped with a high intensity compact light source with a field diapragm to enable koehler illumination with halogen lamp of 6V 20W with built in on/off switch and light intensity regulator.
Accessories Available for the above Microscopes :
  1. Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, • Filter • 25 ml of Immersion Oil
  2. Roll of Lens Cleaning Paper • Lens Cleaning Solution
  3. Operating Manual
Optional Accessories :
  1. Dark Field Attachment
  2. Phase Contrast Attachment
  3. Polarizing Attachment
  4. Stage Micro Meter
  5. Micro Meter Discs
  6. Spare Objectives 5x, 20x, 90x
  7. Micro Photographic Equipment
  8. Cctv
Binocular Research Microscopes
Bio XL
Microscope Stand
Rigid & Stable stand with well-countred modular base.
Eyepiece Tubes
Binocular observation head, with interpupillary & diioptric adjustments, rotatable through 360o. Inclined at 45o. The intraocular distance is variable from 54 to 74mm. Tubes are ISI marked (IS : 8275/76).
Focusing Module
CO-AXIAL focusing, with slide traveling on ball bearing guide ways, for frictionless motion over full range of travel. The movement is restricted by a slide protecting device.
Large size mechanical stage with low drive right hand coaxial movements controls, for covient spicimen scanning.
Low friction & fully revolving, parfocal quadruple type.
Flatfield, glare free, antifungus coated & high contrast standard semiplan achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (SL) and 100x (SL). The objectives are corrected for the mechanical tube length of 160mm and cover slip thickness of 0.17mm with tolerance of 1mm & 0.015mm.
High quality paired, huygenian 10X.
Abbe condenser NA 1.25 focussable with rack & pinion arrangement is provided. The bright field condenser is complete with lens & iris diaphragm for dark field examination, the microscope can be furnished with a refracting or reflecting aspheric condenser.
A high intensity compact Koehlar’s light source 800 lumen halogen lamp, 6 volts-20 watts, powered through a built-in base solid state transformer with electronically variable intensity control. Quick replacement of bulb without opening the base or electricals.


product/Pathology Instruments/Avi-509.jpg

Splendour Microscopes

Product Code: AVI-509
What Makes working on Splendour Microscopes, a ‘Spectacular Vision Experience’?
Fitted with our time tested DIN Achromatic Objectives, designed as per Ferman Standards of Optical Excellence. Fully Parfocal and perfacity precetered, these Objectives give you details, never seen before Sharper Resolution and extra flat field of view, make viewing a strain - free pleasure Coupled with our Stadared High Eyepoint (25mm) Compensating Extra Wide filed (Filed No.18) Eyepieces they provide a colourfree image. The Standerd Microscops is supplied with four Objectives-Achro 4X, Achro 10X, Achro 40X(SL) and Achro 100X Oil (SL), and a pair of WF 10X/18 Eyepieces.40X(SL) and Achro 100X Oil (SL), and a pair of WF 10x/18 Eyepieces. Huy.6x & WF 15x are available.
Extra Clarity and High Contrast Bionocular Observation tube, rotatable through 3600 inclined at 450, off the horizontal. Adjustable onterpupillary distances and Diopter adjustment ring on the Occular tube, for correction of eye-aquity.

Optionally, 3o0, incliend Sedentopf design Binocular tube can be provided
Traveling on Ball slides The Co-axial focusing system, incorporates a very precise and were resistant liner bearing mechanisum that eliminates vibration and backlash. The coarse adjustment knob has a built in control to after the tension of the motion. The touch sensitive fine focus knob a are graduated in 0.02mm increments.
The 150X120 mm Stage Plate incorporates a linear bearing mechanism with right hand low - positioned CO-AXIAL movement Control. It has a travel range of 75mm along the X-Axis and 45mm along the Y-Axis for easy scanning of large specimens. A.0 1mm vernier provides accurate location of the specimen area.
Precision-built quadruple revolving nosepiece, traveling on ball bearing, ensures a common field Center, on changing magnification and reintroduction. The soft ribbed grip for easy rotation, helps prevent damage, from gripping the objectives.
Illumination Light Control
Built-to a well contoured, Compact Base, with Convenient hand rests, and powered by a 6V-20watts halogen light source, the illumination. The lamp is precentered for your convenience. Replacement of lamp can be done without opening of base or electricals. Light intensity can be varied through electronically controlled knob. The lllumination is furhter enhanced through well designed illimonator lens system and a substage Abbe Condenser with N.A. 1.25 and built in lris Diaphragm and Filter Holder.

Optinally, the Bright Field Condenser can be easily replaced by Phase Contrast Turret or Dark Field Condenser.
Splendour introduces, for the first time, Mould Protection as a standard feature. Mould formation is a menace in most parts of the word, with moderate to high temperatures, high humidity and air pollution. All these factors encourage mould formation which could etch into the optical surfaces and permanetly damage them. Splendour’s protection treatment ensures mould-free viewing, a boon in the recent environmental conditioins.

All Air-Glass Surfaces of the lenses and Prisms, are ANTI-REFLECTION coated, to eliminate light losses to the maximum


product/Pathology Instruments/pg36_1.jpg

Stereo Microscope

Product Code: AVI-510
Available in two different configuratios for specific applications, DL-type with dual illumination, and the PL-type versatile stand can be used for specimens upto 60mm thickness.


Vertical movement controlled by coarse focusing large sized knobs, incorporating slip clutch mechanism for damage prevention.

Viewing bodies

Binocular Stereoscopic observation head rotatable through 360o with locking screw. Specially corrected porro prisms provide full 3-D erect image. Interpuppiliary distance adjustable between 55mm 75mm. Dioptric correction system on both oculars.


10x (Paired) wih extra wide field (F.N. 18)


product/Pathology Instruments/pg36_2.jpg

CCTV Projection & Image Analysis System

Product Code: AVI-511
Combining video display with microscopes is an exciting new technology. The video microscopy system provides an excellent media not only for classroom teaching and demonstration, it is also extremely useful for group discussions in conferences & seminars.
The image analysis system provides an efficient and effective, delivering a professional alalytical system to the desktop.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg36_3.jpg

Avishkar Projection Microscopes

Product Code: AVI-512
For Research and Industry
Avishkar Projection Microscopes incorporate the most advanced technical features to make it versatile for a wide range of applications in research and industries. The din standard plan achromat optics produces uniformly images and exceptionally sharp resolution over the entire screen.

The 195mm round graduated screen made from the finest glass is rotatable in 360o on ball bearing and has a fresnel lens behind it for brilliant and uniform intensity of projection throughout the screen area. the Co-axial mechanical stage is attached for comfortable and convenient manipulation of slides for research works, like checking linear measurement and comparison of contours etc. A magnification correction knob is provided in the microscope on which a compensating eyepiece moves to attain exact magnification in different objectives.
Technical Features
Optical System Din standard TC series objectives, optionally / plain optical system.
Main Body A most durable, sturdy & elegant designed body for utmost convenience to use and to accept several optional accessories as multipurpose system microscope.
Focussing Coarse and fine focusing system. Coarse focus range 30mm and fine focussing reading to 0.002mm.
Nose Piece Revolving quadruple/quintuple nose piece with ball bearings for perfect alignment.
Stage With Co-axial mechanical stage low drive control, travel area 75-50mm.
Condensor Movable abbe condensor N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphsam and filter holder.
Illuminator Halogen illumination system having 12V/100W halogen lamp with variable light control.
Observation Observation on screen/optionally binocular head.
Magnification Range 100/125x to 1000x 7 also upto 1500x.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg37_1.jpg

Digital Photocolarimeter [ABS./Trans]

Product Code: AVI-513
Filters 5 filters 400 (V), 490 (B), 520 (G),590 (Y), 650 (R) nm.
8 filters 40 (400), 49 (490), 52 (520), 54 (540),
59 (590), 62 (620), 65 (650), 70 (700) nm.
Minimum Volume 1.0 ml.
Light Source 6 V, 10W, Tungsten Lamp.
Meter Scale A 135 mm. meter for direct measurement of optical density or % Transmission.
Photometric Accuracy + 1.0% of full scale.
Sensor Highly sensitive Photocell.
Power Consumption 20 Watts.
Weight Approx. 5.5 Kg.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg37_2.jpg

Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter-(8 Filters)

Product Code: AVI-5148
Filters 8 filters 40 (400), 49 (490), 52 (520), 54 (540),
59 (590), 62 (620), 65 (650), 70 (700) nm.
Minimum Volume 1.0 ml.
Light Source 6 V, 10W, Tungsten Lamp.
Digital Display A 135 mm. meter for direct measurement of optical density or % Transmission.
Sensor Highly sensitive Photocell.
Power Consumption 230 V, 50 Hz. AC
Weight Approx. 5.5 Kg.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg37_3.jpg

Digital Blood Cell Counter

Product Code: AVI-515
This cell counter is a reliable, accurate, stable & sleek instrument. It is a Micro controller based and integrated with counting, analysis, monitoring & percentage (%). It is mains & battery operated. This instrument has twelve (12) operating keys and convenient for clinical labs showing the primary or virus infections.
Technical Specifications
Total number of counts 9999
Counts in each group 0-99
No. of operating keys TWELVE (12)
BASO (Basophilic)
EOS (Eosinphilic)
MON (Monocyte)
Neutrophilic Stab Granulocyte
LYM (Lymphocyte)
Prom (Promphocyte)
Neutrophilic Segmented Granulocyte
Neutrophilic Orthochromatic Normoblast
Delete (--) or Minus
(%) Percentage
Delete Facility Available
Count category 9
Input voltage Mains - 220 10%, 50Hz, 1 Battery - 12 V DC
Power Consumption 10 W. (Approx)
Dimensions 220 X 210 X 70 mm
Weight 1.5 kg. Net.


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